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Công ty Israel cần tìm nhà sản xất ngô ngọt đóng hộp
Cập nhật: 21.05.2020 09:30 - Lượt xem: 9
Tên công ty: Shufersal LTD

Tel: +972-3-9481806. Mobile phone: +972-52-2828824


Người liên hệ: Galit Levinsky Cohen, International sourcing and commercial import manager

Yêu cầu:

Shufersal is the leading retail chain in Israel with annual income of 13.2 NIS B , 400 stores, overall on line sales of 15%. In addition, we have a very strong loyalty club with 1.9M club members. Shufersal has been running a PL program for almost 10 years and it has a market share of 25% overall sale. In the enclosed attachment, you can get some general information about our company.

We are looking to expand our business in the sweet corn category. We refer to sweet corn in tin cans with easy key – in the attached file you can find project information of the mandatory requirements of the sweet corn.

Are annual quantity is:

Single unit  340 gr in vacuum = 1.2M units per year

160gr * 3 units = 160k packages of 3 units per year

We are also looking for 100% count water in 1 liter tetra pack

We would like to work with companies that:

1. Can produce products for our private label under the Shufersal (PL) brand.

2. Will work with us only  directly

Only companies that have high level of QA certificate (BRC and IFS)

As a kosher chain, we understand the challenge of producing kosher products but we can help and advise you with the process.


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